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    Our Services............. For our Clients
    Our Support..............For the Society
    Industrial and Warehousing Infrastructure
    Location in NCR....Just 50 Km from Delhi

About BBRS

BBRS is an idea!
  • Born out of a persona extraordinaire
  • A socialist with philanthropic intent
  • A human institution par excellence
  • An educationist with a purist heart
  • An agriculturist with an excellent business mind
  • An ocean of human values and social attitude
  • A conscience for responsible economic activity.
  • BBRS lets us breathe talk and promote…sustainable growth for all.BBRS inspires our vision for “BETTER BUSINESS RESOURCEFUL SUPPORT”.
    BBRS is your friend facilitator and fiduciary support for your growing business needs.



    BBRS brings together the new generation of service providers, with our mission to offer you
    World class project consulting
    Solar an other renewable energy
    Global trade support
    Industrial and warehousing infrastructure
    Organic agro-produce

    In our endeavour to promote collective growth prospects for our business partners, we ensure that we deliver.

    The logical relationship of warehousing with manufacturing, the two complementary businesses of BBRS, is further defined by the fulfilling role of trade in the global scenario.
    At BBRS, we think global, act local.
    International trade provides the vital linkage amongst the businesses at BBRS.
    With the promoters’ rich experience, truly inspired by the enlightening stints with the leading pioneers of global trade commerce, BBRS fuels the commitment to promote local produce on a global scale.
    Through collaboration and continuous innovation levels, our businesses seek sustainable growth in developing economies.
    Nothing is constant! Our consistent approach to embrace changing trends allows us to integrate and further diversify our brand through resilient marketing across all verticals.

    Our consulting expertise is backed by the board of mentors and consultants who have excelled in their professional spheres across the fields of Public Administration, Taxation, Civil Engineering, Education Management, Industrial Production, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Renewable Energy and Information Technology Sectors.
    • Panel of professional experts and mentors from the fields of Public and Private Sector.
    • Consulting Services for Government Sector, Private and PPP models.
    • Proven track record of our consulting gurus in their respective fields.
    • Assistance for foreign SME's for setting up new projects/subsidiary in India.
    • Consulting in Global Trade backed by our years of proven expertise.
    We care for our future and for others too. Renewable energy sources guide thoughts and actions in everything we do. We take pride in our association with one of the leading global solar companies from India. It is actively supporting the "Indian Solar Mission" and also expanding its international footprint. BBRS is committed for its Mission PREM "Progressive Renewable Energy Mission". We are committed for utilisation of renewable energy to bring light and comfort to the lives of common man.
    BBRS has embarked on a journey of harnessing its potential for the sustainable growth of the business and social community on the whole. We are always on the lookout for new projects where our contribution can lead to progressive and positive change. In this pursuit of bringing about a change we are willing to connect across cultures, nationalities, platforms and social systems to create team which are extraordinarily effective. .
    is located at 50th Kmstone, NH2 (New NH44) Delhi Mathura Road with 1, 00, 000 sq. ft. of warehousing/ industrial space under occupation by MNC clients. It further offers for its prospective clients an approx. area with 80, 000 sq. ft. of space on a BTS (built to suit basis).


    • Direct linkage to all locations within National Capital Region (NCR) through National Highway network.
    • 50 km from Delhi via National Highway 2 (NEW NH-44), seamless connectivity.
    • Convenient access to all major Indian cities through the Golden Quadrilateral Network
    • 15 Km from the Industrial Town of Faridabad.
    • 5 Km from Hind Rail road Terminal park; 10 Km from the Gateway Rail ICD
    • 14 Kms from ACTL terminal.
    • 35 km from the Tughlakhabad ICD in Delhi.

    Location Advantage

    • Access to major ICDs allows for hassle free control of inbound and outbound shipments.
    • It is part of the "Dry Port Zone" in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor that provides location advantage for country wide logistics.
    • Shortest transportation time with convenient access through major roads to most retail/sales locations in Delhi/NCR.
    • BBRS GREEN FUELS, our group company under license from ESSAR Oil manages retail as well as bulk trade of Diesel/ CNG/ Petrol and related products from the fuel station on this location.
    On fertile agricultural land inherited from our ancestors, BBRS still pursues our age old passion for cultivating crops.
    • Agricultural land base of more than 350,000 sq. ft..
    • Seasonal harvest for food grains, mustard and various green vegetables.
    • Engages well-trained farm workers and eco-friendly agricultural techniques.
    • Partners with the local village community for generating sustainable employment.


    The agrarian rural society comprising of villages aroundthe newly developed district Palwal in the core of NationalCapital Region of India assures long term partnership withBBRS for symbiotic development of the agriculture andindustry in the region.
    On the global business map; In our endeavour towards achieving the BBRS envisioned growth several financial management, multi-functional and stateowned institutions have been playing a key role with their short-term / long-term support and financial assistance.