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Our Legacy

BBRS, the phenomenon who inspired our vision for today was widely regarded by the local community and referred to as “Baba” by one and all.
A school teacher by profession, a philanthropist at heart, a humble farmer at the core, and a borne selfless leader, BBRS left his indelible mark on all facets of society.

  • Promoted the first all-girls schoolin his native village ensuring primary education to females at the doorstep.
  • Dedicated his entire life for the only Sanskrit college in his village, a unique institution imparting knowledge to the aspiring scholars and preachers of the ancient language in the region.
  • Introduced new age agricultural techniques in the early 60’s to fellow farmers of the region, enhancing the quality and quantity of harvest for seasonal crops in the region.
  • Lead the local Brahmin community in the region towards social reorganisation ensuring education, health facilities and employment opportunities for the lower strata of society.
  • Founded one of the first resident welfare societies of the city, where he believed and preached“collective responsibility” for the growth of society.

BBRS left behind a legacy, full of human treasures and social wealth.

We, along with our partners and stakeholders, collectively strive to carry forward his vision for creating sustainable value in everything we do.

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